Finish Strong.
Finish Well.

Let’s face it.

As contractors, we’re a down-to-earth group of people. No pretense. Truth be told, we don’t really even know what that means, nor do we care! What we do is get stuff done. And we’ve built a business, and a life, doing it.

But there comes a time when you’re ready to move on.

So the question is – Now What?

  • Do you sell outright?
  • Do you turn it over to your kids or family members?
  • Do you sell it to your employees?


of small business owners, don't have a plan - an actual plan - for how to transition your business

Regardless of what route you’re considering, the real question is how do you do it and make the most profit? Whether you’re thinking of selling today, in five years, or ten years from now, making your business salable is what Contractor Succession is all about.

Creating an exit strategy or implementing a succession plan can often be a confusing and emotional exercise for a business owner.

Contractor Succession LLC takes the time to understand the owner’s goals, analyze the existing business structure and worth, and then create and help execute a plan to achieve the desired result. For some businesses, this can be a relatively simple and quick exercise. For others, this may take years in order to restructure the business and maximize the value of the company for a possible sale.

We can do the hard work of analyzing the details of your business.

Details can include financial, organizational, sales & marketing, customer service and personnel. These methods have been successful in helping businesses improve their overall “saleability” for years.