We start with your goals.

Maximize the Value of Your Company.

Step 1: Free Phone Consultation

This no-commitment 1-hour call helps you determine if working with Contractor Succession is the right fit for you. We believe the best way to find out is to simply talk. So if the things you’ve read so far pique your interest, then let’s have a conversation.

Give us a call: 833.4U2.EXIT

Step 2: State-of-the-Union Assessment

This phase is designed to provide business owners with a unique road map for what it will take to transition their business. It is tailored to your specific goals and based on your unique situation. The end result will be a detailed report that covers the following areas:

Cursory Business Valuation | Operational Processes  |  Finances  |  Marketing  |  Personnel  |  SWOT Analysis | Detailed Action Plan for Transition

This phase is designed to be a stand-alone segment or, it can act as the foundational piece for Step three. A flat fee will be charged for the State-of-the-Union Assessment.

Step 3: Action Plan Execution

With the State-of-the-Union Assessment in hand, contractors can make an informed decision about whether they are ready to undertake the work needed to transition their business in the time frame they’ve selected. This phase normally involves a 1-3 year contract to implement the goals and strategies outlined in Phase 2. A specific quote will be provided to business owners in advance that outlines the milestones and associated costs with the project.


CSL Engagement Plans


engagement plan


engagement plan

All Plans include bi-weekly web meetings and weekly assignments to ensure consistent progression toward the established goals. To maximize the success and value of the bi-weekly web meetings, an agenda and meeting minutes will be provided in advance for all involved parties and short & long-term goals will be agreed to and monitored.

Plan recommendations are based solely on the amount of time Contractor Succession feels is needed to help you achieve your goals.

A Comprehensive Approach

As part of solidifying your business for transition, CSL will also provide partner services if needed such as: business brokerage, advertising & marketing, leadership training, financial planning, accounting & legal services.

Our partners will work side-by-side with Contractor Succession to assist owners in making good decisions regarding their exit from their business.

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