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Jay Steinfeld joins us for his second interview. In our first interview with Jay we talked about how he built his business. That interview was appropriately done on “The Business Builders Show”. To listen to that first interview, and I strongly suggest you do so, here’s the link:

In this interview we discussed how Jay and his team prepared their business to be sold to The Home Depot and why Jay stayed for 7 years after the sale was completed. This was a “Contractor Succession” podcast interview, because that’s what we do at, help business owners prepare their business for sale or for some form of exit.

Learn more about Jay at Be sure to buy his book  Lead From The Core: The 4 Principles For Profit and Prosperity. 

Scott Good

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Contractor Succession was founded by Scott Good and Marty Wolff – two entrepreneurs with a passion to help small to medium-sized business owners benefit from their life’s work. Scott Good is the owner of Goodco Mechanical, Inc. – one of the largest HVAC contractors in Central Pennsylvania.

Marty Wolff is an established business coach and consultant who has helped countless C-suite executives improve their business processes and their bottom line. Together, they form the foundation of Contractor Succession. Their expertise and industry knowledge will help you transition your business to the next phase in the most profitable way.

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Case Study - HVAC Owner Transition

Episode Details

Dave Bookbinder, a valuation expert with, host of the “Behind the Numbers” podcast, and author of a great book, The NEW ROI: Return On Individuals joins my partner Scott Good and I to talk about a case study in the HVAC industry. DISCLAIMER: We are not offering any financial advice or any specific recommendations in this podcast. We are discussing a fictitious company in the HVAC industry and what an exit strategy might look like for a business owner in this space.

Many of you will recognize yourself and your business in this discussion of an owner in business for forty years, with a nice mix of business, family not interested in taking over the business and you recently had a health scare. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? 

Learn more about Dave Bookbinder on his Linkedin page: Subscribe to his podcast “Behind the Numbers” wherever you get your favorite podcasts and be sure to buy his book from your favorite bookstore.

To learn more about the work Scott and I are doing helping business owners transition from their business, go to

Legacy / Estate Planning with Attorney Scott Lynett

Episode Details

Attorney Scott Lynett tells us on his website ” In short, my sole focus is to help families and businesses avoid collapse after the death or disability of a loved one or business owner” Pay close attention to what we talk about in this edition of the Contractor Succession podcast. Learn more about Scott at Learn more about how Contractor Succession can help you prepare yourself and your business for an eventual transition,