I had the good fortune of listening to a podcast this morning that spoke to me and I wanted to share.  It was on John Warrillow’s podcast, and he was interviewing Bill Hudenko, a psychologist, Dartmouth professor and serial entrepreneur.   The subject of finding happiness came up.  Bill joked about planning years for a Disney trip only to be disappointed when you get there that it didn’t meet your expectations.  He shared that we should be striving to achieve “well-being” instead of happiness as happiness is short-term and fleeting.  He then gave his “5 Factors of Well-being” which I feel speaks volumes to this subject.  His acronym is PERMA and here they are:

P – Positive emotions. Look for the little things every day that provide satisfaction and joy.  A cup of coffee of a beautiful sunset.

E – Engagement.  Find something you enjoy doing outside of work.  Music, golf, hiking, biking, etc.

R – Relationships.  This one is rather obvious but seek out positive, like-minded people with whom you can spend time.

M – Meaningfulness.  What can you do to make an impact for someone else?  Coach, volunteer, counsel, mentor. 

A – Achievement.  Have goals for your future.  Keep yourself striving for more in your life.

I took some liberties with some of the examples, but I believe his 5 factors are very relevant, especially with what is happening in our world right now.  Have an “Attitude of Gratitude” and make it a great day!!