Do I Really Need a Coach?

I’ve been in the mechanical contracting business now for over 33 years. Holy Crap am I getting old? Despite my advancing age (stuff’s not falling off yet), I realize every day how many smart people are out there that know a whole lot more than me about a lot of things than I do. So, how do I become more knowledgeable in my business and in my life? Can someone coach me through this?

One way is to be a constant learner. I usually have at least two different books going at a time. One on my Kindle and one on my phone from They usually have something to do with business, our industry, sales, whatever.  Very rarely do I read or listen to a random novel anymore. I realize my time is too valuable for that so I stick to topics that will make me smarter, not dumber.

A second, and faster way to move forward is by having a coach or mentor. Most successful people have other successful people they go to for advice. This can drastically shorten the time it takes to master a particular skill and become among the best. Book after book I have read suggest having several. Mentors are usually free. Coaches or consultants usually cost money. Many people cringe at the thought of spending $$ on someone who is going to critique their actions. Here’s what I’ve learned….”you get what you pay for”.

I was listening to a fantastic Audible book recently called “The Secrets of Business Mastery” by Mike Agugliaro. Mike is known as the CEO Warrior and helps HVAC and Plumbing service contractors build businesses through his books, videos, blogs and his coaching. He actually calls himself a transformer which he explains is a step beyond mentor, coach and consultant. He’s built a $20+ million service business in New Jersey and I highly recommend his book for mechanical contractors. He reiterated many things for me that I’ve learned over my 33 years but most importantly for me, he stressed the need to have a coach. That person can help see things from an outsider’s perspective and hold you accountable.

My coach is Marty Wolff. He has been working with me and my team on and off for over 8 years. He has helped me and my businesses move forward in countless ways, and yes, I pay him. We’ve worked so well together that we’ve become business partners in Contractor Succession, LLC.  We each bring unique skills and backgrounds to the table and make us a dynamic team helping contractor owners map out an exit strategy.

Don’t be afraid of hiring a coach. The right one can help make all the difference in your business and in your life!