It’s only worth HOW MUCH???

One of the biggest challenges we face is discussing the potential value of someone’s business.  In fact, “What’s my business worth?” is usually in the first 15 minutes of any discussion.  It’s oftentimes the major reason a client considers hiring us.  Unfortunately, assessing the value of a business without a thorough, exhaustive analysis is like pricing a used car before you know the year, mileage, condition, etc.  There are many factors that go into that business assessment.  There is, however, a consistent theme in doing this work.  Most business owners think, and honestly believe, that their business is worth a lot more than it can actually bring on the open market.   

Our goal at Contractor Succession is to help business owners navigate this tricky road of transition.  The first step is the initial analysis.  We call it our State-of-the-Union Assessment.  It’s a 1 or 2 day thorough, on-site process that allows us to understand your exit desires as well as your current business situation from “soup to nuts”.  We look at everything from financials to systems to management to recurring revenue to marketing to……… well, you get the picture?  From that effort, we create a report that shows you our proposed value of your business, a SWOT analysis and an action plan on how to improve the overall sales value of the company.  This single document can help you map out a successful exit, either with or without us going forward.  That’s entirely your call. 

Here’s the challenge for most business owners…they don’t know what they don’t know about how to make their business more Salable.  That’s our job.  We work for you, the owner, to help increase the value of your company for an eventual sale or transition.  That’s it.  We coach, you execute, you Win!